Power your business with a bright idea

Power Your Business with a Bright Idea.

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Dependable Solar at Any Scale

Greater Value

Electricity costs can make up a significant portion of your business’s budget. With a solar panel system in place, not only will you harness the overhead power of the sun but you’ll also reduce your overhead costs at substantial margins.

Superior Quality

In addition to SunPower’s 25-year warranty on the panels, we offer a 10-year warranty on all our labor. After all, quality isn’t just something we say, it’s something we provide. And it’s something you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Morale Boost

Employees will reflect your company’s responsible attitude. They share in the success and contributions of their organizations, become more engaged, more invested and ultimately feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction about where they work.

Our Power Payback Guarantee

Our Power Payback Guarantee

We’re so confident in our panels and service that we’re the only solar provider willing to put our money where your power is—plain and simple. With our 25-year Power Payback Guarantee, if your panels don’t produce 90% of what we say they’ll produce, we’ll either cut you a check for the difference or we’ll add panels to your roof at no cost to you.

Service You Can Count On

Service You Can Count On

Our service doesn’t end with your installation, it extends throughout the duration of our 25-year power payback guarantee, as well as with our 25-year warranty on the panels and inverters. We also have representatives ready to assist you with any question or need that may arise along the way.

"Over the past two years, we've had great savings...not to mention the $1500 a month. It has been a wonderful thing."

Kelly Clayton, Richens Eye Center, St. George, UT

SunPower Helix

SunPower Helix

Drawing on 30 years of proven experience, Helix is designed and built by one company to make commercial solar incredibly powerful and elegantly simple. Each component is engineered for fast installation, long-term reliability and impressive returns.

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