Las Vegas solar market primed for take-off

What is happening in the Las Vegas solar market is generating such fervor and excitement, the details simply cannot stay in Vegas. After months of being left out in the cold, thanks to measures by the Public Utilities Commission to lower the credit for excess electricity generated by rooftop solar systems, solar companies reentered the… Read More

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North Sanpete schools installing solar arrays

Before long, students at three different schools in North Sanpete County will have their minds, and their classrooms, illuminated in a whole new way. Thanks to an agreement between Siemens Industry Inc. and Legend Solar, and the help of some grant money, North Sanpete School District is installing solar panels on North Sanpete Middle, Moroni… Read More

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What will you do with the money you save by going solar?

Solar power. You’ve thought about it. You’ve done some initial research. You like the idea but aren’t certain it’s worth the hassle. After all, isn’t that what it often comes down to? How much is something worth? In the case of solar panels, it may be worth even more than you’ve previously considered. Consider this… Read More

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Legend Solar’s Tom Knobbe hits major solar sales milestone

After three years as a member of the sales team for Legend Solar, Tom Knobbe has adopted a different philosophy when it comes to sales. He no longer measures his success in dollars, number of customers, or even the kilowatts of solar he’s sold over the years. However, it is definitely worth noting that Knobbe… Read More

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Finding your way through the maze of solar tax incentives

When you consider the benefits of installing solar panels on your home or business, the list goes on and on. Money savings. Cleaner energy. Owning your power source. Among those is a phrase many people are familiar with, but the application is sometimes a little hazy. Tax incentives. Thanks to federal investment tax credits opened… Read More

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Legend Solar’s power production guarantee backed by experience, knowledge, and training

In an industry filled with fly-by-night operations setting up shop for a few years and disappearing as quickly as they appeared, it is vital you find a solar company that stands the test of time — and stands behind its claims. Among the many elements that set Legend Solar apart from the competition, the power production… Read More

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