Las Vegas solar market primed for take-off

What is happening in the Las Vegas solar market is generating such fervor and excitement, the details simply cannot stay in Vegas. After months of being left out in the cold, thanks to measures by the Public Utilities Commission to lower the credit for excess electricity generated by rooftop solar systems, solar companies reentered the… Read More

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Net metering settlement a win for solar in Utah

Once again, the solar industry has been placed in a position that is odds with traditional power companies, and once again, legislation has passed to level the playing ground. As of Oct. 4, during the Governor’s Press Event on Net Metering Settlement, the decision was announced to override the proposal put forth by Rocky Mountain… Read More

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Finding your way through the maze of solar tax incentives

When you consider the benefits of installing solar panels on your home or business, the list goes on and on. Money savings. Cleaner energy. Owning your power source. Among those is a phrase many people are familiar with, but the application is sometimes a little hazy. Tax incentives. Thanks to federal investment tax credits opened… Read More

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Legend Solar’s new 360 degrees of coverage

When it comes to getting the best in solar power and energy efficiency, Legend Solar has you covered — all 360 degrees. Thanks to a recent creation of Legend Energy — the new energy efficiency arm of Legend Solar — the company you know and trust to bring you the highest quality products is offering the complete package…. Read More

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Home builder associations are important partnerships – but not just for home builders

As a homebuilder, imagine being able to tell a prospective buyer that the newly completed home they’re interested in includes impeccable design, the finest craftsmanship, the latest technology and, on top of everything else, they won’t have to pay a power bill when they move in. Now imagine being the buyer receiving that kind of news…. Read More

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Legend Solar using energy efficiency to make solar even more affordable

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than saving money on your power bill by tapping into the power of the sun, Legend Solar is once again on the cutting edge of the industry. With the recent acquisition of Aspire Energy, Legend Solar has created a new division known as Legend Energy, focusing… Read More

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