Legendary customer service

From the earliest days when Shane Perkins and Shaun Alldredge made their first solar panel sale while working out of their car, to the present when Legend Solar is listed among the fastest growing private businesses in the nation, one thing has remained constant — the company’s dedication to quality customer service. “Customer service is one… Read More

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You work in the solar industry? I have a question.

No matter where you work, once people find out what you do, there are often a string of questions that follow specific to your company or industry. Legend Solar employees are no exception. Whether on the job or out in the community with their families, when people meet a Legend Solar employee, several questions arise,… Read More

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Meet Legend Solar’s 2016 Employee of the Year, Phil McLeod

Ever since he was a child, sports have been among the highlights in Phil McLeod’s life. Whether playing basketball, baseball, running track or playing semi-pro football in St. George for eight seasons, athletics offered McLeod a world of challenges, teamwork and camaraderie that made him want to excel. In many ways, it’s a lot like… Read More

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Shelton brings entrepreneurial experience to role at Legend Solar

When one first comes in contact with Brittni Shelton, human resources director for Legend Solar, they may not realize the breadth of professional experience she brings to her position, but in fact, few people can boast such diversity on their resume. On the whole, much of her day-to-day routine at Legend Solar consists of “folders… Read More

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Growing with Legend Solar

Looking back on his earliest days with Legend Solar, Chad Alldredge, vice president of operations, is amazed at how far they’ve come as a company and how much his job has evolved. “For the first year people thought we were selling snake oil, telling people you could create energy out of the sun,” Alldredge says… Read More

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Legend Solar – giving back to the community

Even if you’ve never considered purchasing solar panels, the name Legend Solar is likely familiar to anyone in Washington County and beyond, thanks to $10 million dollar cash and trade commitment Legend Solar made to Dixie State University’s stadium renovation — the largest donation in DSU history. Despite the grand nature of the donation, Legend… Read More

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