Legendary customer service

From the earliest days when Shane Perkins and Shaun Alldredge made their first solar panel sale while working out of their car, to the present when Legend Solar is listed among the fastest growing private businesses in the nation, one thing has remained constant — the company’s dedication to quality customer service.

“Customer service is one of those things that has distinguished us from the beginning,” says Chris Lyman, director of customer service. “We started out small. We didn’t have big financial backers throwing marketing dollars around for us. Our growth was based 100 percent on word of mouth and referrals based on the customers we installed.”

While some people’s image of a customer service department likely starts and ends with a person picking up the phone and listening to customer questions and complaints, customer service at Legend Solar is much more comprehensive. It’s all about maintaining a relationship with customers and providing continuity throughout the entire process.

“The same person who answers the phone is the one who shows up at your doorstep to fix the problem,” Lyman says. “We don’t have to worry about disconnect.”

The key to success with this approach is to have each person trained to be an expert in every step of the process because, as Lyman says, “we can’t afford to just sit there with a dumb look on our face.”

When customers purchase solar panels with Legend Solar, it comes with a 10 year service plan, meaning anything that comes up in the first 10 years — from production guarantee issues to technical problems — a quick phone call is all that is required and Legend Solar steps in to handle it.

Customer service even visits each customer after the install and final inspection to go over their new utility bill and explain what it will look like from there on out.

This is a 25-year investment so having the warranty and customer service you can rely on is an important thing, Lyman says.

That’s true in Utah where the Legend Solar name is becoming more and more established, and its true in newer markets like Portland, Oregon where customer service means doing all of the above, and getting the Legend Solar name into people’s minds in a positive way.

Mary Jacobs is the office manager in Portland, and has been overseeing things since Legend Solar opened its Portland office in April 2016. She knows as well as anyone the importance of treating each customer like the most important person, regardless of whether his or her account is big or small.

“Whether we have 10 customers or a million customers, our customer service will never change. We always communicate with our customers,” Jacobs says.

Working to establish relationships in Oregon has been key, particularly since Legend Solar is viewed by some as “an outside company.”

“We’re building our name in the community,” Jacobs says. “We just got $8,000 from Energy Trust of Oregon to spend on marketing.”

Another indication of Legend’s insider status is the fact that all but three employees in the Portland office were hired locally.

“We do a lot of events,” Jacobs says of their community outreach efforts. “We try to go to something at least once a month to get our names out there.”

So far, the company’s billboard campaign has been well received.

“People love our billboards,” Jacobs says.

More important than all of that, however, is the feedback they receive from customers about their experience dealing with Legend Solar.

“We need to know what we’re doing right and what we need to improve,” Jacobs says. “We can’t improve if we don’t get that feedback from customers.”

To offer your feedback, or to find out more about solar power with Legend Solar, call 1-877-413-6412 or message through the web site at www.legendsolar.com

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