Happy Earth Day from Legend Solar and Thanksgiving Point

When it comes to celebrating Earth Day, Legend Solar’s emphasis on renewable energy is a perfect way to honor the planet. Combine that with Thanksgiving Point’s transformative family learning and its movements toward being more environmentally friendly and you have a perfect pair for Earth Day — and every day.

“We’re really excited,” Josh Berndt, director of communication for Thanksgiving Point, says of the partnership with Legend Solar. “It helps us be a thought leader in the community. We’re trying to encourage people to just start doing something.”

The partnership was recently announced at the Earth Day celebration at Thanksgiving Point on April 22 when Legend Solar co-founders Shane Perkins and Shaun Alldredge unveiled the large Legend Solar sign on the Museum of Ancient Life building at Thanksgiving Point.

The agreement involves a $2 million cash donation to support Thanksgiving Point’s mission, along with plans to install 450 kilowatts of solar — roughly 1,500 solar panels — over the next 10 years.

“That 450 kilowatts of power will offset 60 percent of the power needs for the Museum of Ancient Life,” says Jud Burkett, director of corporate communication at Legend Solar. “When you add it up, it’s about a $5 million donation to Thanksgiving Point.”

Once the signage was revealed, those attending the celebration took part in a variety of kid-friendly, educational Earth Day related activities. Making solar bead necklaces that change color when exposed to UV light, taking part in a solar fact scavenger hunt, creating seed bombs to plant in the garden and a using special light-sensitive paper to make solar prints, were just a few of the activities.

Plus, Mother Nature pulled out all the stops for Earth Day by providing a beautiful weekend with plenty of sun, which allowed Legend Solar to demonstrate its ability to harness the sun’s rays to generate electricity.

“We powered all the music at the event with solar panels,” Burkett says. “It’s great for people to see the panels in action.”

Berndt says they’ve heard nothing but positive comments about the event overall.

“It really kicked off the relationship the way we wanted it to,” he says.

But far beyond simply bolstering the relationship between Thanksgiving Point and Legend Solar, Berndt says this partnership is an opportunity to start conversations in families and in the community about different ways people can be more environmentally friendly.

“We do partnerships a lot,” Berndt says. “This one, I think, tells an important story.”

Much of the enthusiasm for the project from the top down at Thanksgiving Point is a direct result of the knowledge that they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

“When you’re able to be part of something this important, it makes you happier to come to work and proud of where you work,” Berndt says.

Burkett agrees.

“Our founders have always had a vision of being a company that is family friendly for their employees and helping the environment through what we do,” Burkett says. “That dovetails nicely with Thanksgiving Point. We feel like we’re doing good in the community through these partnerships.”

Find out more about how you can do something great for your family, your community and Mother Earth at www.legendsolar.com or by calling 1-877-413-6412.

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