Educating the world about solar, one customer at a time.

If Josh Harris, vice president of sales for Legend Solar, had to describe himself in a single word it would be: Extremist.

Sitting behind his desk in the St. George, Utah Legend Solar offices, Harris smiles at his own explanation.

“I only do things one way; either all or nothing,” he says. “I don’t choose to go down a road until I’m all in.”

That goes for his family, his hobbies and his career.

Josh Harris, educating the world about solar one customer at a timeLife before Legend Solar

After graduating from what was then Dixie State College, Harris used his business degree to combine his career with one of his passions: hunting.

As the owner and general manager of Stephen Wade Powersports, Harris managed major brands including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris and more. During his time there he also started his own big game hunting and fishing consulting agency called Worldwide Trophy Adventures.

Eventually, the friendship he and Shane Perkins, co-owner of Legend Solar, had during their college years and their working relationship in the hunting and fishing industry, led to a new business relationship with Harris coming on with Legend Solar as a sales representative.

Up to that point, Harris’ resume included a wide range of experience in sales and business management, but nothing related to renewable energy. Little did he know that was exactly what made him so attractive to Perkins and co-owner Shane Alldredge. They wanted to know if prior experience in renewable energy was necessary when hiring for Legend Solar sales associates. After watching Harris, they quickly determined it was not necessary to have such a narrow hiring focus.

“I came in and the volume I produced exceeded their expectations,” Harris says. “Sales is sales. It can be very over-complicated but it doesn’t need to be.”

Although Harris says his goals within the company did not include moving quickly into the VP title, that’s how the cookie crumbled and he is thrilled at how things have played out.

Solar savvy

Navigating a new industry has been an invaluable experience for Harris. Among the many things he’s learned, one in particular stands out as surprising: just how new the industry really is and how little some people know about what is available to them.

“It’s an industry still in its infancy,” Harris says. “When you’re in this sphere where this is what you do everyday, you have to remember that the rest of the world still needs to learn about it.”

Educating people about solar is exactly what Harris teaches his team to focus on; not on making a sale.

“If they (the customer) truly understand what (solar) does, it’s not even sales, it’s education,” Harris says. “It’s fiscally responsible to purchase solar and energy efficiency products. It just makes sense.”

This is not just something Harris touts while he’s at work. He means it. In fact, he is in the process of moving his family to another area in Washington County just so they can take full advantage of solar power.

Because of additional fees and other red tape he’s encountered in his current area, Harris and his family decided to move to a location more conducive to solar.

“That’s how passionate I am about it. I’m ecstatic about the move,” he says.

Full speed ahead

Looking ahead to the future of the solar industry, Harris says they have only scratched the surface of where things are headed.

“I love the perspective of the owners and the president of Legend Solar,” he says. “I would be worried if they didn’t have some really lofty goals.”

Although he couldn’t reveal specifics just yet, Harris says there are several Legend Solar projects in the works and, “when we decide to unleash the dogs, it’s going to become chaos in a positive way.”

Of course growth comes with its challenges, but for a man who has a 10-plus-foot coastal brown bear as one of his many hunting trophies and who spends his recreational time scaling 500-foot cliffs to hunt mountain goats, the challenge of any task is what makes it all worth it.

“Where there is not struggle there is not strength,” he says.

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