Legend Solar and the Portland Trail Blazers | A match made in Oregon

As a diehard Portland Trail Blazers fan, it was exciting for Tanner Wood to see the record breaking 59 points scored by Damian Lillard in last weekend’s game against the Utah Jazz. But as a member of the Legend Solar team, it was equally exciting for Wood to see the Legend Solar name throughout the Moda Center and to understand the role Legend Solar is playing as a sponsor for the team.

Wood, a Utah transplant who moved to Portland about a year ago when Legend Solar opened its offices there, says he was almost immediately drawn in by the Trail Blazers and quickly became a fan.

“It’s hard not to. The city gets so involved in it. Everyone here is a super big Trail Blazers fan,” Wood says.

The Legend Solar booth at the Moda Center, home of the Portland Trail Blazers.

That local loyalty to the team is one of the reasons Legend Solar was interested in getting involved as a sponsor for the Trail Blazers — to show that they are not an outside company, they are an integral part of the community with a company name worthy of the credibility it has garnered in its home base of Utah.

“There are people who don’t know who we are yet,” says Mary Jacobs, office manager for Legend Solar in Portland.

Now, when Trail Blazers fans look around the Moda Center, it’s difficult to miss the Legend Solar name, and even though that may not translate directly to sales at the game, it gets the Legend Solar name in people’s minds and, later on, potential customers are able to put the two together.

“Things like that are very beneficial,” Wood says.

Termed as a three-year sponsorship of the team, the Legend Solar name can be seen on the front of the scorers table, on the arms holding up the basketball hoop and on the jumbotron. In addition, Legend Solar has a monthly booth at Trail Blazers games where they have the opportunity to interact with fans and meet potential customers.

Ultimately, however, Legend Solar would like to see the Trail Blazers take the step toward solar power.

“Their building is due for a new roof in two or three years,” says Shane Perkins, co-owner of Legend Solar. “As soon as that comes up we are first on the list to talk with them about putting solar on their roof.”

This past weekend’s Energy Green Game was sponsored by Legend Solar, which allowed them even more exposure by hosting a half-time game of tic tac toe on the basketball court. Between that and just being at the game with some of his Legend Solar colleagues, Wood says the entire experience felt “a little surreal” and he would love to do it again.

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