Legend Solar Stadium, Dixie State solar installs on schedule

After last year’s announcement that Legend Solar had teamed up with Dixie State University to install 1,500 kilowatts of solar over a 10-year period, the early stages of that installation are underway.

Looking across campus you are not likely to see any visible signs of what will be the largest solar installation of any university in the state, but the groundwork is being laid behind the scenes.

Joseph Barlow, installation supervisor for Legend Solar, says his crew has recently done the electrical work at the science building in preparation for a solar array. There are no panels or racking yet at the DSU science building, however. That part of the project will likely be completed in the spring or summer of 2018.

Legend Solar will install solar panels on the roof of the east grandstand of the remodeled Legend Solar Stadium.

“While we’ve begun some preparations, our first priority is to get panels up on the grandstands of the newly remodeled Legend Solar Stadium,” Barlow says. “but we can’t get started on that project just yet, so we were just fitting (the science building) in early. We didn’t actually have a commitment to meet a deadline on that project this year.”

Jyl Hall, director of public relations at DSU, says they are “really excited” about the progress and the plans for the solar installation on campus. Most immediately is the groundbreaking for the Legend Solar Stadium grandstand, scheduled for Sept. 16.

The grandstand represents phase two of the stadium construction project. Phase one was the completion of the new field and track, which wrapped up in early July of this year.

Legend Solar will install solar panels on the roof of the east grandstand of the remodeled Legend Solar Stadium.Since the grandstand has to be erected before it can serve as an installation spot for solar panels, Hall says the timing is just as they expected it to be.

For Barlow, being involved with the grandstand design team in order to incorporate the solar panels has been extremely gratifying and is one of the reasons he finds commercial projects so exciting.

“It will always look better when its completed if you are designing with the solar panels in mind, rather than putting them on as an afterthought,” Barlow says, using the collaboration with the contractor and engineers for the grandstand as one example.

“Once they determined the size of the roof, we gave them the size of the array that would be needed and they made some adjustments in the roof to make the solar panels look like a natural part of the construction,” Barlow says.

Right now the tentative schedule to begin installing panels on the grandstand is January or February of 2018.
Until then, Barlow and his team continue to work behind the scenes to have things ready.

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