Legend Solar’s new 360 degrees of coverage

When it comes to getting the best in solar power and energy efficiency, Legend Solar has you covered — all 360 degrees.

Thanks to a recent creation of Legend Energy — the new energy efficiency arm of Legend Solar — the company you know and trust to bring you the highest quality products is offering the complete package.

Legend 360.

“It’s basically a branding for the package when we sell solar and energy efficiency products to a customer,” says Shaun Alldredge, co-founder of Legend Solar.

It’s all part of Legend Solar’s goal to reduce and then produce, conserve and then create. In other words, it’s the complete modern energy package. And it’s unlike anything else available right now.
“We are pioneering it,” Alldredge says. “We have an exclusive on these products. Other companies will do their best to imitate what we are offering, but they will never replicate it.”

The key is combining forces with Legend Energy’s energy saving products. At the moment there are three main products:

1. Multilayer reflective insulation to stop heat transfer
2. BluMaxx air conditioning cleaning system to make AC units more efficient
3. Solar powered attic fan to keep air moving in the attic

Beyond that, Alldredge says they are open to adding additional products in the future, as long as they fit with the overall company goal to most effectively meet the needs of the customer.

More than a program to offer energy efficiency products, however, Legend 360 is all about making it a package deal with the purchase of solar panels.

“Our intention is to sell them together,” Alldredge says. “We’re very excited about how that works for the customer. It gives them to the ability to purchase the proper amount of solar after we make their home as efficient as it should be.”

A Legend Solar installer adds panels to a metal roof in Dammeron Valley, Utah.
Once the energy efficiency products are in place, Legend Solar’s team can accurately assess the number of panels necessary to offset the remaining energy being used in the home and install the proper solar array.

“It’s a home run for customers,” Alldredge says.

Colin Rounds, co-founder and owner of Legend Energy, agrees that the components within the Legend 360 package are “a hand and glove fit.”

“We’re just excited for our customers,” Rounds says.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Legend 360 package can contact 877-413-6412 or click here http://www.legendsolar.com/ to arrange for a free estimate.

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