Home builder associations are important partnerships – but not just for home builders

As a homebuilder, imagine being able to tell a prospective buyer that the newly completed home they’re interested in includes impeccable design, the finest craftsmanship, the latest technology and, on top of everything else, they won’t have to pay a power bill when they move in. Now imagine being the buyer receiving that kind of news…. Read More

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State of the solar industry summed up in one word: Growing.

With almost daily updates coming out of the media regarding issues of climate change and the need for renewable energy — not to mention international headlines about President Trump and decisions regarding the Paris Accord and more — it’s little wonder people are wondering about the state of the solar industry. In spite of the… Read More

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Legend Solar using energy efficiency to make solar even more affordable

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than saving money on your power bill by tapping into the power of the sun, Legend Solar is once again on the cutting edge of the industry. With the recent acquisition of Aspire Energy, Legend Solar has created a new division known as Legend Energy, focusing… Read More

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Legend Solar’s power production guarantee backed by experience, knowledge, and training

In an industry filled with fly-by-night operations setting up shop for a few years and disappearing as quickly as they appeared, it is vital you find a solar company that stands the test of time — and stands behind its claims. Among the many elements that set Legend Solar apart from the competition, the power production… Read More

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The latest in solar technology trends

In the 1970s, the solar-powered calculator was introduced — putting the power of the sun literally into the palm of your hand. Since that time, solar technology has come a long way, powering entire households and businesses in a way that many could never have imagined as they pressed the keys on those early solar calculators… Read More

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How much will solar panels cost?

After reading articles, hearing news stories and listening to your friends, your interest in having solar panels installed one your home is piqued. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, solar power can dramatically cut your energy costs while taking advantage of one of the planet’s greatest natural resources — the sun. However, as you… Read More

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