Solar Panel Roof

SunPower Helix

The world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar platform.

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The Power of One

Unlike other companies, SunPower designs and engineers every part of our solar solutions to provide better performance, easier use, and excellent value over time.

SunPower Helix System

SunPower Helix Construction

Impressive Reliability.

Built on a solid copper foundation that is resistant to corrosion and cell breakage caused by damp heat and temperature swings. This design eliminates 86% of the reasons conventional cells fail.

Sunpower Panels

World Record Setting Efficiency.

Highest efficiency panels available commercially. #1 in independent durability tests and have an expected useful life of 40 years.
Helix Roof is available in single or dual tilt configuration.

SunPower Helix Rack

Highest Energy Density System.

Dual tilt racking solution maximizes roof coverage and combines with SunPower solar panels to achieve the leading energy density in solar with 72 percent more energy generated over 25 years than a conventional system.

SunPower Helix Power Inverter

Plug-and-Play Power Station.

Factory-installed electrical connections simplify and speed installation. Zero wiring and no tools for electrical installation virtually eliminate the potential for human error. NEC-compliant rapid shutdown integrated system.

SunPower Helix Cables

Innovative Cable Management to Keep Energy Flowing.

First cable management system built specifically for an integrated commercial solar solution. Cable clips, cones, and trays help protect cables from harsh and abrasive roof surfaces. Cones and trays are made from 92% recycled rubber and are designed for lifetime durability.

iPad with Helix App

Measure Your Solar Savings with
EnergyLink Software.

The EnergyLink ecosystem provides real-time data on your system’s solar production, along with Smart Energy tools to understand and manage your energy profile.

Helix 25 Year Warranty

Get the Industry’s Best Warranty.

While typical commercial solar warranty terms are 10 years and don’t even cover many critical components, the SunPower Helix 25-year warranty terms cover all critical items, including the removal of a bad solar panel, shipping and installation of a new panel.

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