Shelton brings entrepreneurial experience to role at Legend Solar

When one first comes in contact with Brittni Shelton, human resources director for Legend Solar, they may not realize the breadth of professional experience she brings to her position, but in fact, few people can boast such diversity on their resume.

On the whole, much of her day-to-day routine at Legend Solar consists of “folders and papers all over my desk,” Shelton says with a laugh. However, it is the interaction with the people in the company and the community that she most enjoys, and that is something that has remained true throughout her career.

Brittni Shelton, Legend Solar's human resources director.

Brittni Shelton, Legend Solar’s human resources director.

“She definitely has an open door policy and people take advantage of it,” says Jud Burkett, director of corporate communication for Legend Solar.

As a business owner for 18 years, Shelton’s line of work ranges from running a dry cleaning business, which ultimately branched into launching her own mats and linen rental service, to owning and operating six funeral homes and two cemeteries in three major cities in Alaska.

“I’m not a mortician. I didn’t embalm, but I ran the company and spent a lot of time working with the families who had lost loved ones,” Shelton says.

After leaving Alaska, Shelton spent some time working in real estate, before partnering with a show on the Discovery Channel that specializes in tricking out diesel trucks and then giving them away.

“It was a crazy business,” says Shelton. “They were great guys and so were their customers.”

Her role was to help bring the company to a point where they could sustain themselves. After that, Shelton eventually made her way to Legend Solar, roughly one year ago.

“I was a little nervous because I haven’t worked for someone for most of my adult life,” Shelton says.

She started out as the executive assistant to Legend Solar owners Shaun Alldredge and Shane Perkins. But before long, Shelton’s efficient manner and desire to stay busy led to her ask Shaun and Shane for something more.

At the time, Legend Solar didn’t have an onsite human resources department, it was outsourced, and Shelton made a pitch for why bringing someone in house would make sense.

“We have 100 full-time employees and 100 independent contractors… there’s a lot going on with so many people in the company,” Shelton says.

Shelton says she appreciates the professional culture Perkins and Alldredge have created at Legend Solar, and sees it as her job to continue to cultivate that.

From the employee perspective, it’s definitely something that plays to her strengths.

“The corporate culture at Legend is one of the best corporate cultures I’ve ever experienced,” Burkett says. “Brittni has a really huge role in how that plays out every day.”

One of the projects Shelton has been involved with recently is bringing Tribalry, a kind of in-house social media platform, to Legend Solar in an effort to foster even stronger relationships among employees.

“It’s great for engagement,” Shelton says. “It bonds us.”

But fostering positive interaction with fellow employees is just one of the goals Shelton has at Legend Solar. She is equally invested in helping the community at large.

“Business is about relationships,” Shelton says.

She is currently finalizing plans to launch a volunteer program for Legend Solar employees to get out in the community and assist with a variety of causes.

“It makes us more human and more engaged and involved in the community,” Shelton says. “Plus, that’s just who these employees are. They like to be involved.”

One of the things Shelton loves about working with Legend Solar is the fact that the company culture recognizes the need for people to be dedicated to work, but also to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

As a mother, wife and world traveler, Shelton loves the opportunity to focus on her many interests outside of her realm as the HR director.

With the majority of her children active in sports, she spends a lot of time as the team mom, planning banquets and lunches and, of course, attending games.

Shelton also spends a lot of time traveling with her husband, and while she loves the time she has spent in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Caribbean, each experience ultimately makes her more grateful for America.

“It’s beautiful and you think ‘I could live here,’ but then you learn about the politics, or the cost of living, you realize you have a good life over here,” she says.

Her time away also makes her grateful for the simple amenities we often take for granted, like ice and Skittles, and the ability to run to the store and pick up anything you need.

Because of all the experiences she’s had professionally and personally, Shelton says she has already had the chance to experience her “dream jobs.” Now, she’s enjoying working so she can do what she ultimately wants to do, retire with her husband and continue traveling the world.

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