You work in the solar industry? I have a question.

No matter where you work, once people find out what you do, there are often a string of questions that follow specific to your company or industry. Legend Solar employees are no exception.

Whether on the job or out in the community with their families, when people meet a Legend Solar employee, several questions arise, so we’ve included some of the most common questions, and their answers, below.

Legend Solar installers work on setting up the racking for solar panels being installed at Legend Solar co-founder Shane Perkins home in Washington.

Do you have solar panels on your house? 

The answers to this question vary, depending on whom you ask. Many Legend Solar employees do have solar energy at home and are happily reaping the benefits of lower energy costs. However, many employees live in situations that do not allow for solar panel installation, such as renting instead of owning their property, certain HOA regulations, personal decisions regarding how long they will be living in their current home and more. Just like with customers, Legend Solar employees have a lot of factors to consider before committing to the benefits of solar energy.

Will solar panels work even when it’s cloudy? 

This question comes up a lot with our Portland, Oregon employees, but it is common throughout the industry. After all, if you’re going to spend the money on solar, you don’t want to be completely reliant upon the weather to power your home. Luckily, the answer is yes.Even in a cloudy area, solar panels still work. That’s because solar panels function the moment there is any light. More light equals more voltage. Because of the clouds the sun’s light is not as strong, however, clouds in the sky can often act as reflectors which means the panels are picking up on the direct light as well as the diffuse light reflecting off the clouds.

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Does my city allow solar?

Though it may be surprising to some, there are some municipalities that, although they allow solar, they aren’t equipped to provide the net metering with solar customers. Others may not allow solar for other reasons. In order to determine whether your city or town can work with solar energy you can contact the city offices directly. Or, you can reach out to Legend Solar’s Director of Compliance Phil McLeod, and he can let you know on a case-by-case basis.

If I have solar, do I need a battery backup? And can I be completely off the grid? 

Legend Solar offers panels that require grid interaction — meaning the inverters tie into the grid and require power coming from the grid to turn on. Because of this, if the power goes out, your solar panels stop working too. The benefit of grid interactivity is if your home produces more energy than it uses, the meter spins backward and you are credited for the excess power, thus lowering your power bill even more.

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Can I use solar power to heat my swimming pool or hot tub? How about my motor home? 

Yes, there are solar power methods to use to heat swimming pools, hot tubs and motor homes, however, it is a vastly different kind of system and Legend Solar does not supply that type of solar. 

As always, if you have a question, feel free to interface with Legend Solar on this web site, or give them a call at 1-877-413-6412.

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